It’s been said amongst ghosts that seeing Jade Koth live is like a silent wrestling moving picture from the 1920s… Minus the silence. The Self Proclaimed ‘Never Violent, King of Silence,’ was born August 1st, in Stonybrook, NY, and has been on a mission for not only catching, but spreading a positive vibe where he steps foot. Surrounded by music since birth, Koth has been entertaining since his early teens. With an ear for music that stretches over a wide varieity or genres, Koth has shared the stages with a few notable names and headlining artists in Hardcore, Metal, and Hip Hop.

In 2005, Central Florida artist, Big A, took Koth under his wing and began bringing him into the lab to produce tracks. After some time behind the wheels of steel, Koth decided to bring his voice to the microphone. In 2008 He Dropped a 3 song demo off the now defunct label ‘The DBK Movement’ entitled ‘Time is Money’ under the stage name ‘YFW’. Lacking hooks and a serious delivery, ‘Time is Money’ barely left the lab and ended up becoming more of a coaster than a CD. In 2011, after battling with heart complications since 2009, Koth (still under the YFW name) dropped another demo titled ‘Straight From The Bum Ticker’. It was a more aggresive but still positive approach to each track. Koth has been quoted by sayin’

"I wrote all those songs from a hospital bed. It helped me not go insane."

Copies of “Straight from The Bum Ticker” began to surface in various states shortly after its release in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Rhode Island, Illinois and a few others along the east coast. In January 2012, Koth relocated to St. Louis, Missouri where things began to start rollin’. He began to write new material for his upcoming mixtape, ‘Stuck in St. Louis’ when his time in ‘The Lou’ was abrubtly cut short. After leaving Missouri and moving out to The Big Apple, he began connecting with an artist in the Upstate Albany area. Joining forces with Eugene Martin and Cameron Cleary of K3, he finished what was left on his ‘Stuck In St. Louis’ project, adding new tracks and a few collabs from K3. On June 8, 2012 ‘Show Me The Sunshine Empire’ dropped as a free digital download off his bandcamp page.

Since The Relese of ‘Show Me The Sunshine Empire’ Jade Koth has been promoting his music through shows and social events on the same mission to catch and spread a positive vibe and increase the peace through his music. He has been quoted by saying

"If you dig it, Spread the word... but if you don't don't be bashful... you aren't the first person to hear this."